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splice [\splais\]
verb. spliced, splic·ing, noun

  • to join together or unite two parts.

Why Splice?

Splice Style was born on this definition. Here at Splice, we believe that two united is always better than one alone. 

Our Couple-It-Up motto is reflected in all of our product designs.  Every gift item we design will always come in sets of two or more.  These matching pairs can be joined and united together.

While each individual pillowcase has its own special design, together with its matching pair, it paints a picture.  We hope this picture depicts a moment in time that you have shared with your loved ones in the past or dream of doing so one day.

We want our Splice Style to not only be a fun and unique gift item for your loved ones, but an item that is customized to reflect your unique relationship with them as well.

We hope you and your loved ones will enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed designing, creating and bringing them to you!

Splice Style’s aim is to design fun, unique and, most importantly, meaningful gifts for all your loved ones! 

Splice is born...

Splice Style was founded in 2008 in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, after founder, Sandra Yue, returned from an inspirational and soul searching trip to South East Asia with two of her best friends.

There, she tirelessly shopped the endless Phuket and Chiang Mai markets, sharpening her bargaining skills with every purchase.   She encountered some of the most innovative and interesting gift items.   Surprisingly, she was able to find the perfect gift for almost everyone on her list.

She just couldn’t understand why we didn’t have this kind of gift selection at home.  Gift shopping at home was always so much harder!  After some discussions, her two friends told her quite simply: “Sandra, just bring the creative gift ideas back home with you!”

That was the moment that her two innovative “entrepreneur” friends first planted the seeds of Splice.

With a little more pushing and encouragement, Splice sprouted shortly after she returned home.  Adding a little of her personal West Coast flair, Sandra designed her first gift items: five Splice Style matching pillowcase sets.

About Sandra

Born and raised in Canada, Sandra loves to keep an active and balanced lifestyle.  While she can be a determined workaholic when she sets herself a goal, she also makes the time to party, get outdoors, play every sport and experience every experience she possibly can.  She likes to think she’s just a "Work Hard, Play Hard" type of girl!

In her spare time, Sandra loves to play volleyball, ultimate frisbee and roller hockey. She loves watching soccer and hockey, but she'll pretty much watch any sport. She is also a PADI certified scuba diver and has her Adventure Diver certification. She's dived in Maui, Thailand, and Australia. She loves to travel and tries to plan her travels around awesome scuba diving locales.

Sandra believes that all her goals and accomplishments in life were inspired and motivated by all those around her she loves, including her two dogs, Milo and Gus.  Her loved ones define the core of who she is and what she aspires to be. 

Splice Style Founder, Sandra Yue, with her two dogs, Milo & Gus.
To Sandra, a perfect gift is one that is as meaningful and significant to you as it is to the person you are giving it to.
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